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Business Presentation Skills

This highly interactive, participatory workshop provides participants with the techniques, and skills needed to design and deliver high-impact presentations.

It is a 2-day program that combines information with intensive practice to ensure that all participants are provided with the tools they need to improve on their presentation capabilities.


Topics Covered

  • Establishing the purpose and desired outcomes of a presentation
  • Analyzing the audience to ensure the presentation addresses its needs
  • Organizing, writing, and editing a presentation that clearly communicates with and involves the audience
  • Preparing effective visuals using most commonly used PowerPoint techniques that guide and support the presentation
  • Making effective “virtual presentations”
  • Effectively showing passion, flexibility and using verbal and nonverbal presentation delivery techniques
  • Delivering an attention-grabbing opening and an effective closing
  • Reading the audience, responding to comments and answering questions while keeping the presentation focused on desired outcomes


Who Should Attend?

People from all areas and functions whose job requires them to deliver effective, oral presentations to various types of audiences.

Please Note:
This course is designed for a maximum of 8-10 participants. If your need is different, please get in touch to help us work out a custom solution.

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